So, March 17th 2017 came and its gone already, but as an akokite, you missed the whole fun in the day. Then I ask, are you really a student of UNILAG?

Yes, UNILAG is now boring, the social life is not as it used to be anymore, or like a freshman would say now, UNILAG is not as social as proclaimed in the outside world, all thanks to the university mangement for the whole rules now hindering to an extent social activities on campus.

However, with the whole boredom issue, some great minds came together to draw out educative, exciting and fun filled programs or let me just say activities which are just enough to make your day, Law students Society staged LAW GOT TALENT 5.0 in the main auditorium of the university, likewise Official Steevane and his Life in UNILAG team premiered a short movie produced by the JUJU HOUSE OF COMEDY titled ADUKE all on the same day, so as a student of UNILAG, you missed out on this two events, from the performing acts to models on the runway to celebrity appearances to freebies from various brands and many more, then I am left with no choice than to follow the latest trend by asking you, ARE YOU REALLY A STUDENT OF UNILAG?

Anyways, I am here to help you out. I was not opportuned to witness law got talent 5.0 but I was at ADUKE the movie premiere, so I am going to give a brief summary of what happened both in the movie itself (even though I am not meant to say) and during the premiere alongside some red carpet pictures, and note that this is not a kind of preview.

ADUKE is a short story of a young pretty lady named Aduke and a guy named Martins who happened to be in the same class with Aduke, it is an higher institution setting though, so maybe its the same department or they are coincidentally offering the same course, although Martins is a guy who is still struggling to feed and even cloth himself, but he fell in love with Aduke the first day he saw her in class and started looking for every opportunity to tell her how he feels. Martins tried so hard and even told a friend of his to always notify him whenever Aduke is around, luckily for him one day, his friend called him just to tell him what he had always wanted to hear; Aduke is around; Martins couldn’t afford taking a bike or cab instead he ran like a mad man from his own house to his friend’s hostel such that he was slightly fortunate to meet Aduke exiting the hostel gate, so he talked to her about how he has seen her and had always wanted to ask her out but as expected Aduke was forced to ask after the whole expression that how can he claim to love someone he is seeing for the first time? This shit has happened to me before too, but as much as I love the girl and expressed it, she didn’t believe in love at first sight, but unlike Aduke’s story who still gave Martins her phone number so they can be friends and maybe things are going to work out well by the way, my own girl told me I can walk out of life for all she cares or even die with my f**king stupid theory, too harsh right?

Aduke and Martins were best of friends for months, then one afternoon Martins asked her out again and guess what; she said YES to him and that’s how it all started; the love story. They both loved each other so much with Aduke not considering the fact whether Martins is rich or not. Their love story was now the talk of the campus and many lovers just want to be like Aduke and Martins and it was all fun until one sunny afternoon whilst they were having fun together, a rich man came and took Aduke away in his car and too bad Aduke did not even bother looking back at her so called boyfriend Mr. Martins, who cares he his just like a church rat, you understood what I mean and if you don’t I mean he his poor, so that is how the love story ended.

Aduke became pregnant for the rich man and she told him about it all for the chief to drop her off his car and dump her just like that.

Years later, one afternoon Aduke was seen selling bend down select clothes by the road side, then a car passed by her and then reversed, guess who came out of the car, you sha know your normal nollywood stories now, the forbidden stone is now the corner stone. So, Martins came out of the driver’s side of the car just to see that it is Aduke for real, she was so surprised to see that Martins has made it, je now owns a car, then Martins asked her what happened to her and she explained it all to him via flashback, she even told him she have birth to a baby girl who is now dead, hmmn so pitiful, their eyes were filled with tears, and it is very obvious that Martins still love her, and from the look on Aduke’s face, she was full of hope again until the suspense came in. Kudos to these juju house of comedy guys, they changed the norm, so while we were thinking it’s just the normal nollywood thing, Martins is now rich and Aduke is otherwise but filled with hope now that Martins is back and seems to still love her, then came a voice from the backside of the car saying “Driver! Did I employ you to stop at your own convenience?, next time you do that, I am giving you a sack letter”. Eeya, Martins is just a driver, the poor lover boy……… It now dawned on Aduke.

So, that is the end of ADUKE THE MOVIE itself. It’s not a glimpse as stated in the title you know, I gave you all.

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Now, to the premiere which was fully and well packaged by Steevane and his team members, supported by some notable brands like minimie chinchin, amstel malta, wawa, Lagos life, Evol clothings and many more. Media partners include Mtv base, pulse tv, dynamix tv, sulcata tv, ebony life tv, afrotainment and numerous UNILAG student brands.




The event was graced by celebrities like Ehiz the dadaboy, Linda Ejiofor, chuey chu of pulse ng, Ogbolor (James of Jenifa’s diary), Samantha Walsh of mtv base, Bunmi Davies and many more too.

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The whole juju house of comedy crew was present too. And to finally make it lit were performances from various students artistes like Brainee, Yung ace, Sefhan, Magikz, Imoh, Rasrap, Yung prinz and lots more.

So, you see what you missed now?

Though there were hiccups, they are unavoidable though, we just learn from them so we don’t make the same mistakes again.

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On a final note, Juju house of comedy crew and official steevane you guys really tried and I can’t but say WELL DONE. Meanwhile, I expected something that never happened, something or someone triggered the story and even if thats not it, the title of the movie in relationship to the soundtrack used was somebody’s hit track, but you guys refused to bring TJAN to grace the event, Him performing his ADUKE track would have been the top of it all, just saying, in case you are going to premiere it somewhere else again.

Here, are some questions I would love you my esteemed readers to answer in the comment session below, I want to know your take on the questions.

  1. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  2. What comes first in a relationship, Love or money? Give your reasons.
  3. As a lady, would you have done the same thing as Aduke?
  4. If you are in Martins shoe and assuming unlike him, you became rich, would you take Aduke back?

Please kindly answer the questions in the comments section.

I will drop my pen here, till it wanna bleed again, remember “True love cannot be found where it does not exist, and it cannot be denied where it’s existing…ADUKE”. 

Thanks for reading.

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