P. Diddy tops Forbes list of richest Hip Hop artist of 2017 with $820 million

Forbes has just released its annual list of the top 5 richest Hip Hop artistes of the year 2017. According to Forbes,’We follow the same procedures used to calculate our list of the world’s billionaires:looking at past earnings, valuing current holdings, leafing through financial documents and talking to analysts, attorneys, managers, other industry playersand even some of the moguls themselves to find the details’.This year, Sean Combs ‘P. Diddy’ tops the listwith $820 million. He’s closely followed by Jay Z with $810 million while Dr Dre comes in 3rd with $740 million.Birdman occupies the 4th position with $110 million while Drake completes the top 5 with $90 million.

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